105-Ton Boiler Evaporator Unloaded at Riverport

The main dock at the Henderson County Riverport was recently used to unload an approximately 105-ton boiler evaporator for delivery to the under-construction Pratt Paper plant. Sterett Crane and Rigging offloaded the evaporator from a barge using a five-hundred-ton lift capacity crane brought specifically for the job and loaded it to a truck and trailer for final delivery to the Pratt Paper site. Contact us at 270-577-6133 to discuss handling…

Riverport Employees Receive CPR Training

Henderson County Riverport employees recently received American Heart Association approved CPR training through First on Scene CPR and instructor Daniel Carter. Employees received instruction on how to identify numerous medical emergencies and the proper first aid to render for each event. In addition to first aid, the course also covered how to properly perform CPR and use an automated external defibrillator.